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How Compark Blends Public and Private Cloud Technology

As the borders between public and private cloud servers are becoming increasingly blurred, some companies have found great benefit in fudging the lines of their infrastructure. One such establishment, ViaWest's Compark data center, is a shining example of how the two technologies can work side-by-side and in tandem with one another. Not only does this let you mix and match certain features to receive the best of both worlds, but it can be used as a strategic move to keep your competitors guessing.

Located just outside the city of Denver, Colorado, Compark consists of 140,000 square feet of total floor space. While it isn't all operational at the time of this writing, ViaWest is expecting to complete construction at some point in 2017.

Despite its incomplete state, the Compark data center is fully functional. In fact, it currently boasts 50,000 square feet of usable floor space, much of which is used to store servers and hardware related to their network of public and private cloud platforms.

By offering public and private cloud services, both of which can work independently or together in a seamless manner, ViaWest and Compark are able to give their customers exactly what they're looking for. Furthermore, because Compark offers a unique design and architecture that features an open floor plan, users are constrained by physical space restrictions.

Dave Leonard, chief data center officer with ViaWest, talked about this in a recent interview by saying: “So say you get a software-as-a-service company. They can only buy one thing: 10,000 square feet and 1100 kW. And on day one, that might fit their needs perfectly, or maybe they can architect their application to where that’s perfect. But what happens when they re-architect their application and their hardware, and now they consume double the watts per square foot?"

ViaWest is also finding that former users of some of the most popular public cloud service offerings, such as Amazon Web Services, are now turning to ViaWest and facilities like Compark in order to migrate their data into a private cloud environment.

Leonard continued his interview by mentioning such customers. He was quoted as saying: "They realize, especially as they end up with a lot of data on those clouds, that it becomes uneconomic at a certain scale. It becomes more economic to take that back and move it into a private cloud that is dedicated to them, or move it back onto their own hardware [with] co-location."

With so many different pros and cons associated with public and private clouds, it can be difficult to settle on just one. Moreover, choosing one over the other means you'll inevitably miss out on some amount of functionality. With this in mind, facilities like ViaWest's Compark are great options for those who aren't able to make the choice between public or private cloud frameworks.

To find out more information on ViaWest or Compark, please visit their official website at or call 1-877-448-9378 to speak with a live service representative. ViaWest is also active on today's most popular social networks.


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