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Volla 22 Phone Runs Android and Linux

Linux fans have been clamoring for a full-scale, dedicated mobile OS for years. While Apple has their own mobile OS that comes equipped on every iPhone, and with Windows phones available too, Linux users have had very few options when it comes to mobile connectivity.

Sure, there are a few choices available. However, many of these options feature limited functionality and some of them can be quite difficult to install correctly. Moreover, some of them require you to completely replace the existing Android operating system on your smartphone.

With Volla Phone 22, however, Linux users who want to use their favorite OS on their smartphones suddenly have a lot more freedom. Shipped with your choice of the standard, Android-based Volla operating system or Ubuntu’s mobile Linux distro, the new product can even be equipped with both via multi-boot functionality.

The Third Generation

Although you might not be familiar with name, this is actually the third generation of smartphone to be released by Volla. Their earlier releases, the Volla Phone and, later, the Volla Phone X, touted 64GB of internal storage each.

But the newest release, the Volla Phone 22, double the amount of internal storage to 128GB. It’s also the first device in the product line to feature a user-replaceable battery. Not only does this boost the device’s overall longevity, but additional batteries can be used to extend your talk time without the need for electricity. For rustic camping trips and vacations, this is a huge selling point.

Your Privacy Matters

The fact that the Volla Phone 22 can be shipped directly from the manufacturer with Ubuntu isn’t the only thing that makes this phone unique. It’s actually fully customized throughout; right down to its proprietary Volla OS. Meant to put more emphasis on user privacy than any other mobile operating system on the market, Volla OS doesn’t even include the Google Play store or the normal apps you would expect from Google, such as their Chrome web browser, Gmail, Google Drive, or Google Maps.

As a result, Volla OS doesn’t actually gather any user data through their operating system. Users are free to install any apps they wish, however, but this does defeat many of the built-in privacy features. Those who want as much privacy as possible will likely prefer Volla OS over any other Android-based processor, but many web-based activities will be much less convenient without cookies and other tracking data.

Volla OS has network security covered, too, with an integrated firewall that is fully customizable to meet your needs. Their secure App Locker lets you easily manage apps on your device, and it also includes support for anonymous internet browsing via VPN (virtual private network).

If that wasn’t enough, Volla OS is also freely available to anyone who wants to view it. While the Volla Phone isn’t cheap, starting at just over $400 for early supporters of the device, it’s certainly an valid option for those who want the maximum amount of privacy and security while they’re on-the-go.


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