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Vox Telecom Introduces CloudBackup

Vox Telecom, a leading telecommunications provider in Johannesburg, South Africa, has made recent headlines by offering unlimited online file storage to their customers. While the service, known as CloudBackup, is not free, Vox Telecom has been able to offer the service at an incredibly affordable price. Other services offered by Vox include general cloud computing, IP telephony, video conferencing and more.

Justin Elms, senior product manager of infrastructure with Vox Telecom, explained his company’s mission by saying: “Backing up data just isn’t second nature for us, but the results of losing everything is undeniably catastrophic.”

Service Structure

While highly affordable, Vox Telecom’s CloudBackup service has a very strict service structure. Despite the fact that Vox Telecom offers an unlimited amount of backup storage space on their cloud, new users are initially limited to a capacity of 99 gigabytes. Additional storage space is given incrementally, and by contacting Vox to specifically request an increase in storage space.

Moreover, new users are given the opportunity to complete their first backup through a USB drive, which will be delivered via courier. Those who chose to forego the USB option will still have full access to the other features of the CloudBackup service.

Finally, individual users can also choose to encrypt their files. While the default setting is no encryption, this is an option that is easily configured through Vox Telecom. When encrypted, nobody with Vox Telecom will be able to view your file information or access it in any way. The only information they will be able to access is the individual filenames that you’ve uploaded. Vox also warns their customers that specific encryption keys cannot be recovered, so each user will have to take their own precautions in order to safeguard their encryption keys. An encryption password is required when trying to restore data to any device that has not been previously linked to the account.


Vox Telecom’s CloudBackup service is available through a variety of means. Based on the Java platform, CloudBackup works in Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. According to officials with Vox Telecom, they have no plans of bringing their service to mobile devices.

Data Protection

With Vox Telecom at the helm, users can be sure that their data is safe and secure. Heading up their own security protocol, Vox Telecom works in full compliance with the rules and regulations governing data storage within the region.

About Vox Telecom

Vox Telecom, originally established in 1998, currently hosts major offices in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, the company actually maintains their presence throughout the country. Complete with a team of experts and professionals, they’re dedicated to providing quality service to all of their customers.

To learn more about Vox Telecom, including any of their services or products, please visit their official website at Here you’ll find a comprehensive listing of both business and consumer-oriented products, details on their cloud services and even information regarding careers with the company. Those who are in need of technical support can also take advantage of their online FAQs and other technical resources.


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