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Western Digital My Book Duo Storage Features As Much as 20TB of Capacity

As the world now generates more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data on a daily basis, hardware manufacturers are struggling to keep up with demands in hard drive capacity, performance and reliability. This has some brands, like Western Digital, literally thinking outside the box. The My Book Duo, a plug-and-play, external RAID device, has been around for several years now – but recent updates are expanding its capacity to as much as 20 terabytes of storage space.

Accommodating Consumer Trends

The need for increased capacities is primarily driven by the habits of modern consumers. With video games taking up more hard drive space and demanding greater performance, as well as the increasing prevalence of sophisticated graphic design programs and enterprise-grade software solutions, the average computer user simply requires more storage space and hardware efficiency than ever before.

Sven Rathjen, vice president of product marketing of the Client Solutions division with Western Digital, spoke about the evolving technological landscape and the changing needs of consumers. He was recently quoted as saying: “Both at home and in the office, people are creating and amassing huge volumes of data, and need high capacity, high speed solutions to easily and confidently move and store that data in a single location. We see it within new content creation segments such as the drone market and with enthusiasts, as well as professionals, producing and editing massive, high-quality photo and video files. There has never been more of a need for a simple-to-use, massive capacity desktop storage solution such as My Book Duo for these content creators to keep pace with their growing storage demands.”

A Plethora of Options

Let’s face it: 20TB is a lot of data. Even in the 21st century, there are some computer users who will never fill that much space. Western Digital’s My Book Duo line of external RAID devices has these users covered, too. By providing options in 4TB, 6TB, 8TB, 12TB, 16TB and the maximum of 20TB, users can get exactly what they need without having to pay for additional space that they’ll never use.

There are also plenty of viable uses for the My Book Duo. Small businesses and enterprise users can use the device to ensure file redundancy and long-term preservation. Home users will find it easy to use the My Book Duo as a backup system for their primary computer. Creative professionals can use the device to maintain control over multiple projects at once.

Just in case 20TB isn’t enough storage space, or if you want to complement a device with a smaller capacity, the My Book Duo includes two USB ports that let you connect everything from thumb drives and other external HDs to digital cameras and memory card readers.

Finding Out More

Regardless of the model you choose, all new devices purchased include a three-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. Prices start at $259.99 for the 4TB model and increase to $799.99 for the 20TB version. To find out more information, or to purchase a drive for yourself, please visit Western Digital’s official website at {{|}}.


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