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Introducing Xbox One's SkyDrive

With the much anticipated release of Microsoft's next generation console, the Xbox One, video gamers around the world are now becoming familiar with network-based storage. Working in tandem with a previously established cloud service, Microsoft's SkyDrive, console-based gamers are now given the chance to easily view photos, watch videos or play music through their Xbox One console. Moreover, users can even share their multimedia files with friends, family members and acquaintances through an Internet connection.


In its most basic form, Microsoft SkyDrive provides a comprehensive and intuitive means of accessing your personal collection of photos, videos and music through any device that is connected to your Xbox One -- including your big screen television. In reality, however, that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the functionality of Microsoft SkyDrive.

Not only can you access files that are already within your library, but Microsoft SkyDrive even allows you to upload photos directly from a Windows-based smartphone. Users can even automate the upload process to save time and effort later on. Additional capabilities of Microsoft SkyDrive include the ability to zoom and pan around large images as well as the option to setup a slideshow of your pictures. In fact, the Microsoft Xbox One even gives users the capability of playing an automated slideshow of pictures while simultaneously listening to music via SkyDrive.

"We focused on making it easy to find photos and see them in a beautiful slide show," Said Dan Somrack, Program Manager of SkyDrive. "I recently added my whole archive of family photos to SkyDrive — about 40 GB. With this app, I was able to pull up pictures from a trip I took years ago to Cape Cod with my family that I had never bothered to dig through my computer to find."


Microsoft's Xbox OneGuide provides a customizable GUI for users to access multimedia through their Xbox One, including the files that are contained on their SkyDrive. Your "Pictures" folder and "Camera Roll" will automatically be added to the Xbox OneGuide to facilitate quick access, but users are free to add any folder from the SkyDrive into the Xbox OneGuide GUI.

New users of the Microsoft Xbox OneGuide will need to complete a simple installation and setup process before they will be able to use the Microsoft SkyDrive. Once the initial Xbox One setup is complete, use the voice command "Xbox: Bing SkyDrive" to begin setting up your own SkyDrive.

Once your SkyDrive has been setup, simply use the command "Xbox: Go to SkyDrive" to access your multimedia files. This voice recognition functionality is made possible through the use of the Microsoft Kinect.

Storage Space

Users that are new to Microsoft's SkyDrive service are granted 7 GB of free storage space for all of their files. Students may receive an additional 3 GB for a limited time, and those who were using SkyDrive prior to April 2012 may have received a free upgrade of 25 GB. Beyond that, additional storage space can be purchased directly from Microsoft.


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