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Xbox One Storage Overview

Xbox One is the latest, up and coming console from Microsoft. Soon to be released, this is the follow-up to the Xbox 360. With a redesigned controller, updated hardware (offering improved performance and graphics) and a new interface, the Xbox One is sure to be a huge hit with consumers. Whether or not it will outsell the competitor, the PS4, remains to be seen.
This article will explore the storage capacities of the Xbox One. In recent times, it has become a necessity that consoles have ample amounts of storage space available. Home consoles of the past didn’t have access to digital downloadable content and the only type of data that needed saving was save games (which were typically stored on memory cards). Not only can full games be downloaded from marketplaces, but you can also install games off the disc. As such, consoles need to come with enough storage to support these features.
The launch model of the Xbox One has a 500 GB hard drive. This is the only model that is available at launch, although higher capacity versions may be released in the future.
Bear in mind, the hard drive inside the console has been specifically designed for it. If you open up the console to change the drive then you’ll be breaking the warranty. Not only that, but not just any hard drive will work. Only those specifically made for the Xbox One will, meaning that upgrading the internal drive isn’t an option.
As briefly mentioned earlier, users are able to install games from the disc and onto the hard drive. This was a popular feature with the predecessor, the Xbox 360, because it allows games to load quicker and also reduces the noise output from the console itself. However, the disc needs to remain in the console while you play for DRM reasons. On top of this, the 500 GB storage can also be used to hold games downloaded from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Games aren’t the only type of data available though, with things like photos, music and video also allowed on the drive.
500 GB is a lot of space and for the majority of consumers this should be more than enough. But for those who have large libraries or buy all their games digitally, they might find that it doesn’t quite stretch far enough.
It has been announced that the Xbox One won’t support external hard drives at launch. Although the consoles have USB 3.0 connectivity, which means that the hardware support is there, it wasn’t a feature that Microsoft were able to create in time for launch. It can be hoped that this will be added in down the line through a software update.
Let’s now take a look at cloud storage. In the future, hard drives within consoles might be a thing of the past. With the Xbox One, Microsoft is offering users unlimited cloud storage for free. This means that all of your digitally downloaded games and saves can be stored in the cloud for the cost of nothing. Best of all, you’ll never run out of space, allowing you to buy games to your heart’s content.


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