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XDuce Partners With Actifio To Fill IT Needs

Specializing in data virtualization services, Actifio, perhaps best known for its proprietary and patented Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP) technology, is lending their hand to XDuce in a recent partnership. XDuce, a company that provides global IT solutions in data backup, recovery and testing, is expected to bolster their customer base through the new partnership.

Jim Sullivan, president of Actifio, spoke about the reputability of their newest partner. He was quoted as saying: " XDuce is a trusted global IT service provider with a proven track record among Oracle users. They believe as we do that by solving the copy data problem, enterprises can transform their businesses and be more agile in serving their customers. Our collaboration will allow more businesses to save significant amounts of time, money and storage space while also improving their business resilience, agility and cloud service usage."

Actifio provides a number of key features to the already comprehensive portfolio offered by XDuce. For starters, Actifio facilitates rapid deployment of application as well as simplification of managed storage services, which ultimately minimizes the use of redundant archives. Streamlined disaster recovery, both locally and within the cloud, is also available.

Jay Dave, XDuce's president, was equally enthusiastic about working with Sullivan and the team at Actifio. He was quoted as saying: "Partnering with Actifio is a great opportunity, because the depth of their capability in Oracle environments allows us to deliver truly differentiated backup, recovery and application development services as part of the larger XDuce suite of solution offerings."

He continued his statement by saying: "As the company that invented copy data virtualization, Actifio consistently drives smart, reliable data management strategies to reduce costs and improve efficiency for our enterprise customers. Our partnership with Actifio ensures that we are offering the value-added services needed to compete in today's cloud-oriented IT landscape, and empowers our customers to solve the business resiliency and agility problems that keep them awake at night and slow down their businesses."

While the move is great for XDuce and their customers, Actifio stands to benefit from the recent partnership as well. Given the established presence of XDuce in the IT industry, as well as their solid reputation, both companies stand to gain a great deal from the new joint venture.

About Actifio

A privately owned IT firm based out of Waltham, Massachusetts, Actifio was founded in 2009 by Ash Ashutosh, current CEO. Coming from a modest beginning of only four full-time employees, the enterprise launched its very first product in 2011. The company boasts approximately 400 employees today. Actifio has won a number of industry awards, including accolades from Forbes magzine, the Smaller Business Association of New England, Gartner and more. To find out more information about Actifio, please visit their official website at

About XDuce

XDuce, a specialist in global IT services, has been in the industry a little longer than their new partner. Originally founded in 2006, XDuce provides a number of solutions focused around business development, technical support and general business intelligence. Those who are interested in learning more about XDuce can visit their official website at


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