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Taking a Look at Acer's Xplova X5, The Very First Cycling Computer with Video Capability

Bicycling, or simply cycling, has experienced a recent wave of upgrades and innovations thanks to next-gen technology. One such product, the Xplova X5, offers cyclists with the opportunity to capture and record video during their ride. While this isn't the only feature that Xplova X5 has to offer, it is the very first cycling-oriented computer to include video recording functionality.

The Xplova X5 at a Glance

Since the Xplova X5 is the very first cycling computer to include video recording functionality, we'll start there. For starters, the smart video recording capabilities of the Xplova X5 can be linked directly to your vital statistics such as your heart rate or even according to your speed. Once you achieve the set number, the computer automatically begins recording.

The Xplova X5 also features live GPS tracking capabilities for you and your friends, which allows you to keep track of your teammates and fellow riders during a run. Adding to this feature is the trademarked Smart Sign Guidance system, which provides detailed and accurate directions to various points of interest. The Xplova X5's Smart Sign Guidance system utilizes cloud technology to keep track of such information and provide updates as necessary.

You'll also be able to view a number of different charts, which can be used to display information such as your total power output, heart rate, current altitude, cadence, speed, distance traveled, gear positioning and even more. These charts can be switched out with the brightly colored GUI, which includes a digital speedometer as well as some other statistics.

With onboard 3G, riders will benefit from enhanced connectivity to the Internet. This lets them stay up-to-date with their friends and family members via social media, even in the middle of a ride or practice session. The battery, which has a lifespan of 16 or more hours, is plenty enough for even the longest and most grueling of rides.

Xplova Moment App

In addition to the features stated above, the Xplova Moment App offers four separate features of its own. The "Find me" option displays GPS information of every rider in the group in real-time. Choosing "Remember me" lets the user browse through your stored key moments, which then gives access to a user-friendly upload service for sharing these moments.

The "Lead me" feature provides you with a scenic tour of your chosen bike path. Such tours are setup by real members of the Xplova community, so users are able to enjoy all of the well-known runs as well as the hidden sights. Finally, the Xplova's "Challenge me" feature lets you compete against times that have been previously saved on your device.

Finding Out More about the Xplova X5

Finally, all of this functionality is packed into a device, no larger than a typical GPS, that can be mounted directly to your bike's handlebars for a first-person view of all the action. The case is also water resistant, so you won't have to worry about it getting damaged in a sudden rainstorm.

To find out more information about the Xplova X5, including technical specifications, pricing information and more, please visit their official site at


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