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Do-It-Yourself Windows File Recovery Software: A Comparison

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Zetta DataProtect Features and Benefits’s DataProtect has been archiving and securing customer data for quite some time now. Having built up a rock-solid foundation, as well as a dedicated base of users, the development team with Zetta has been hard at work in order to introduce updates and upgrades aimed at bolstering the usefulness of their product even further. To that extent, recently unveiled DataProtect 4.7, an update which introduces unprecedented speed enhancements as well as a variety of other features.

According to the official press release from, their new DataProtect 4.7 includes four primary features. This includes the ability to protect more data within a shorter period of time, a total of 200 TB of protected cloud data, disaster recovery readiness within a period of three hours and the ability to initiate disaster recovery from anywhere via the convenient, web-based browser.

The new features are also backed up by a series of performance benchmarks. When compared to Barracuda Backup 390, a similar product offering that is currently available, completed an image backup in a mere three hours. This is in stark contrast to the nearly eight-hour timeframe needed with Barracuda Backup 390. In addition, incremental backups took only one hour for compared to nearly two hours for its competition.

Furthermore, was able to complete an entire image backup to the cloud in just three hours, whereas the Barracuda Backup 390 took 38 hours to complete the exact same task. With numbers like this, it’s easy to see how the recent updates have made a serious contender in the niche of cloud-based backup, archival and recovery.

Erick Panger, director of information technology with TruePosition, a user of Zetta, touted the speed and reliability of Zetta’s cloud architecture. He was quoted as saying: “We were able to get 70TB to's cloud quickly without bringing our network to a halt. With its WAN-optimized capabilities and easy-to-use solution,'s cloud backup and DR service just works without any hiccups.”

Gary Sevounts, CMO with, backed up TruePosition’s claims while highlighting some of the new functionality of He was quoted as saying: “'s latest advancements in direct-to-cloud technology are making slow, cumbersome backup appliances obsolete. Zetta DataProtect's newest version allows users to more easily meet their backup windows and reduce their window of vulnerability with unprecedented speed, freeing them from costly, inefficient backup hardware.” was founded in January 2009 in Sunnyvale, California. Originally specializing in cloud-based backup, on-premises backup and disaster recovery solutions, the company quickly became known for fast, efficient and reliable data transfer speeds. Moreover, the fact that they offer support for the most popular operating systems and virtual environments, either natively or through plug-ins, means their solutions can be integrated into nearly any existing network framework. The team with has gained a lot of recognition since then, and they’ve even won awards for their software-as-a-service solutions. To find out more information about, their development team or any of their current service offerings, please visit their website at


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