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Do-It-Yourself Windows File Recovery Software: A Comparison

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Carbonite Acquires Datacastle to Strengthen Presence in Data Backup Market

The recent acquisition by Carbonite is just the latest in a series of strategic moves to enhance the company's position in the data backup niche.

11 / 03 / 2017 J.R. Johnivan

Code42 Online Backup Switches Focus to Enterprise Services

Code42's CrashPlan service, a popular endpoint data protection suite for consumers, is switching their focus to small businesses and enterprises.

10 / 31 / 2017 J.R. Johnivan

Where Should You Store Your Home Backup?

You know you need to backup your data, but where exactly in your house should you be storing it?

10 / 30 / 2017 Chris Connor

Using Google’s Backup & Sync To Protect Your Data

Google Backup and Sync expands on the functionality offered by both Google Drive and Google Photos.

10 / 10 / 2017 J.R. Johnivan

How to Image Partitions That Are Locked by the OS

A brief guide on the difficulties of imaging OS-locked partitions.

10 / 04 / 2017 J.R. Johnivan

Your Phone Backups May Automatically Delete After Inactivity

If you rely on your phone to automatically backup your data, you might find those backups removed without permission.

10 / 02 / 2017 Chris Connor

Microsoft Might Be Removing Its File History Feature

File History is the in-built roll-back tool for Windows, but it looks like Microsoft might be scrapping it.

10 / 01 / 2017 Chris Connor

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