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Do-It-Yourself Windows File Recovery Software: A Comparison

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Google Revamping Gmail for Greater Data Sharing

Google is in the midst of revamping Gmail for greater compatibility with G Suite.

07 / 31 / 2020 J.R. Johnivan

Racetrack Memory Could Create Faster and Smaller Storage

The race for quicker and smaller storage devices continues. Racetrack memory could be a game changer.

07 / 27 / 2020 Chris Connor

Cloud Storage vs Cloud Backup: What's the Difference?

Cloud storage is not the same as cloud backup, and here's why.

07 / 20 / 2020 Chris Connor

DNA Storage Advances with the Ability to Overwrite

DNA might be the next big storage medium. That dream is closer to reality now that data stored on DNA can be overwritten.

07 / 13 / 2020 Chris Connor

Can Tape Be Used for Backup, Not Just Archive?

Tape has lots of benefits for archive, but it might also be useful for regular backup too.

07 / 06 / 2020 Chris Connor

The Latest Windows Update Could Delete Your Data

Be wary when updating Windows 10 because your data could vanish. Here's how to prevent it.

06 / 29 / 2020 Chris Connor

Understanding Remote Backup During Social Isolation

During social isolation, more people are working from home. Don't forget to backup the data they create.

06 / 15 / 2020 Chris Connor

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