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Using Bacteria to Store Data

A team of Harvard scientists have recently devised a method for storing data in living bacterial cells.

07 / 03 / 2016 J.R. Johnivan

Google Plans at Least 12 New Data Centers in Coming Months

Google is stepping up their cloud computing efforts with no less than 12 new data centers planned by the end of 2017.

07 / 02 / 2016 J.R. Johnivan

Protecting Your Critical Data on the Cloud

Some of the most common threats to the cloud and tips on how you can safeguard your data.

07 / 01 / 2016 J.R. Johnivan

Using Smart Storage with Nextbit Robin and Android

How to utilize the Smart Storage function on the Nextbit Robin smartphone.

06 / 30 / 2016 J.R. Johnivan

Fairfax County Schools Using Catalogic Software to Combat Disorganization

How Fairfax County Schools uses Catalogic software to streamline data storage, archival and maintenance.

06 / 30 / 2016 J.R. Johnivan

Intel To Begin Launch of High-Performance SSDs By End of 2016

Intel's upcoming Optane line of SSDs are capable of achieving five times the performance of current SSDs.

06 / 29 / 2016 J.R. Johnivan

Fixstars' Olive Server Features a 13TB SSD and Fits In Your Hand

The Olive Server by Fixstars is a revolutionary device that combines large-scale storage, SSD functionality, a dual core CPU and wireless connectivity in one small, handheld device.

05 / 29 / 2016 J.R. Johnivan

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