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Do-It-Yourself Windows File Recovery Software: A Comparison

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Election Server in Georgia Totally Wiped in Face of Lawsuit

An election server at the center of a lawsuit was recently wiped clean of all its data - but a copy might still exist.

11 / 29 / 2018 J.R. Johnivan

Examining Azure and its Blockchain Functionality

Although it's been a long time in the making, Azure's blockchain implementation is starting to come around.

11 / 08 / 2018 J.R. Johnivan

How Rubrik and Azure Facilitate Digital Transformation

Microsoft Azure has named Rubrik as a designated co-seller and partner in the future of digital transformation involving the cloud.

11 / 07 / 2018 J.R. Johnivan

Improved Security Won't Arrive in Time for U.S. Midterm Elections

Even after the recent fiasco with the U.S. presidential election, it seems state-specific voting systems still are't secure.

11 / 02 / 2018 J.R. Johnivan

Microsoft Wants to Put New Time Capsule on the Moon

Microsoft's new time capsule is headed to the moon by 2020 - and you can contribute!

11 / 01 / 2018 J.R. Johnivan

Microsoft Says Latest Windows 10 Update May Compromise Personal Data

The October 2018 update for Windows 10 originally came with the nasty surprise of erasing personal data like documents and photos.

10 / 31 / 2018 J.R. Johnivan

Tim Cook Reassures About China's Data Storage

Tim Cook tries to reassure Apple customers over China's data storage policies.

10 / 26 / 2018 Chris Connor

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